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The quality of the courses is determined by means of subjective assessments by the students. A distinction can be made between different types of course, for which there are also different types of questionnaire.


Questionnaires for modules consisting of lectures, exercises and tutorials

Module course: Lecture (German)

Module course: Lecture (English)

Module course: Exercise (German)

Module course: Exercise (English)


Questionnaires for modules in which students attend a lecture or seminar course:

One course (German)

One course (English


Open Questionnaire:

Teaching staff are also free to use an additional, open questionnaire, which can be adapted to their needs depending on what they are trying to find out. This questionnaire can be used to examine specific aspects that are not included in the closed questionnaire and it can also be a very useful aid when interpreting the results of the closed questionnaire as it can potentially offer more clues as to how certain results in the closed questionnaire came about.

Please also take note that you as a lecturer yourself are responsible for an evaluation of the open questionnaires that is conform with our data protection directives. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Open questionnaire on teaching quality (German)

Open questionnaire on teaching quality (English)


Please note: Access permitted to university staff and students via university-network!