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General Information

In the spring term of 1999, the WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne voted unanimously to evaluate its courses in the form of a student survey. The task of planning, conducting and evaluating the results of the teaching evaluation was assigned to the WiSo Evaluation Centre.

Since the 2011 spring term, teaching evaluation at the WiSo Faculty has been carried out at module level. In order to determine how students rate modules as a whole whilst also giving teaching staff detailed feedback on the teaching methods they use in their courses, a new, more compact evaluation structure was introduced in the 2011 spring term.

In the spring term of 2015, the teaching evaluation process at the WiSo Faculty was modified. The changes mainly concern the procedure and the selection of courses to be evaluated. A professional evaluation software package, EvaSys, was rolled out, making it possible to evaluate all courses and the exercises and tutorials accompanying them. For the time being, it will not be possible to use the module questionnaires due to system requirements. Instead, students will be asked to complete personalised questionnaires for each course. The courses will, however, still be evaluated at module level too.

Please note that we can only conduct evaluations for courses attended by a minimum of five students.


Information about changes to teaching evaluation can be found here.